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Let your inner designer shine and create your own personalized ring stack

Stacking rings are a great way to add your unique style to your jewelry wardrobe.  Plus, they’re versatile and so much fun to mix and match.  

  • You can change them up depending on your mood or outfit. 
  • Go for a different look every day!
  • Or maybe you want to channel your inner butt-kicking superhero….

Imagine Black Spinel and White Moonstone for the Black Widow or Golden Citrine, Sapphire, and Garnet for Wonder Woman! Pretty impressive, right?

Once you get in the groove of styling your own stack, you’ll see how easy it is…

How many rings should I start with?  

Two to three of the Plumeria gemstone rings with a couple of stacking bands are a good starting point.  A popular grouping here at Black Sand Designs is three Plumeria gemstone rings and two Lina stacking bands.  This combination will give you multiple stacking options.  

Shown here:  Custom stack of rose cut chalcedony, rainbow moonstone, aquamarine, pink tourmaline, peacock pearl

I also suggest mixing the sizes of the gemstones within your stack.  For example, combining 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm creates a beautiful balance.  

With this 5-ring combo, you can create multiple looks:

  • Wear them together or separately.  
  • You can stack a band on both sides of a gemstone ring.  
  • If you have three stacking bands, stack them together to form a wide textured ring.  

Don’t stop there! Stacking rings give you endless styling options and flexibility to create the looks you want! 

Shown here: sunstone, pink tourmaline, iolite, amethyst, LINA stackers

What gemstones go well together?

This is a question I get asked a lot.  My answer:  

  • You can’t go wrong with any combination!!!  REALLY!
  • Go with your gut.  Your stack is a part of you, and you should feel happy wearing it.  
  • Start with your favorite colors, or pick gemstones that have meaning for you.  Here are some examples:

BirthstonesThis is a popular choice for moms to create a stack with their kids' or grandkids’ birthstones.  You can easily add more rings as the family grows.

Special Memories: How about a stack of yellow, orange, and red to remember the colorful coastal town of Positano on your 20th anniversary?

Metaphysical Healing Properties:  I have clients who pick gemstones for their particular healing properties.  For example, Amethyst for stress reduction or Citrine for wealth and creativity. Who couldn’t use more of that!  

Sports Team Colors:  Face and body paint are great to show team spirit, BUT….. wearing your team colors in stacking rings is more classy and a lot less messy.  

There is no wrong way to stack!

Mixing stacking bands in different widths or textures are another great ways to create more fun and exciting looks.  Stacking a few textured bands either alone or with a gemstone ring will create a more dramatic look.

Here are some ideas of mixing finishes or textures:

Silver and Gold mix stacking rings

Want more fun ways to wear your Plumeria gemstone stacking rings?  

Check out my Ring Jackets at Black Sand Designs!  Not only are they fun to wear by themselves, but they are GORGEOUS when paired with the Plumeria rings!  They can fit any 4mm, 5mm, or 6mm Plumeria gemstone stackers on the website.

Are you ready to start stacking? Follow this simple guide:

  1. Figure out your finger size.  If you need a ring sizer, you can get one here.  For more information about getting the correct sizing, read my blog here
  2. Pick two to three stackable gemstone rings and a couple of stacking bands (can be thin or wide, your choice).  Don’t see the gemstones that you are interested in?  No problem, just contact me.
  3. Complete your order and get ready to become your style diva!

Need help deciding or styling?  I would LOVE to help you with your stacking collection! Contact me today, and let’s get started!

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