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Hello There!

When my now husband proposed to me, it changed my love affair with jewelry forever.  He didn’t give me a “big rock” from Tiffany’s, but rather, he presented me with a dainty engagement ring that had belonged to his grandmother.  I fell in love with it!  It was part of his family history, and now, a part of mine.  It wasn't a style I would have initially envisioned for myself; however, the combination of personal meaning and the way the stone and the metal worked together in the design really spoke to me.

Creating jewelry for me has evolved to much more than a personal expression.  Jewelry has become an extension of who I am.  Each piece is a token of a treasured event or a happy thought in my ongoing adventure.  One of my favorite things is knowing that my jewelry will become a clear reminder of someone else’s most precious memories in their own personal journey.

I’ve always been a maker, and I’ve always been drawn to expressing myself through more structural mediums.  I stumbled onto jewelry making while I was still working as an electrical engineer.  I’ve come to appreciate the balance of science and the technical aspects with creativity and artful expression that jewelry making offers. I’m very detail-oriented, perhaps because of my years as an engineer, but I’ve found it to be one of the things that set me apart. 

Each new creation is another fun and exciting challenge.  It is a balance between beauty, wearability, and structural integrity.  The reward is not just the finished piece alone but with all the sweat and joy experienced throughout the process.

Life is not perfect, and I prefer working and find beauty in non-traditional gemstones.  The “imperfections” are what set them apart and give each piece of jewelry more character.  I draw my inspiration from simple shapes, forms and organic textures.  My designs are uncluttered, elegant and distinctive.  I believe jewelry should accentuate rather than dominate the wearer’s style. 

Since my humble beginnings of many, many self-taught days, I’ve continued taking classes from local jewelry schools, guilds, and nationally known metalsmiths/jewelers.  Learning is in my blood.   It helps us grow.  The more we grow, the more we give to those around us. I hope you’ll join me on this memory and story making adventure.

with peace and gratitude,